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Uninstalled Waterfox and lost all Firefox bookmarks



I installed waterfox a few years back and never used it much and not in the last 2+ years.
Today I uninstalled. Restarted my pc. And no all my firefox bookmarks are Gone!

1 appdata > roaming ...mozilla profile with no bookmark entry.
1 appdata > roaming ...mozilla profile with 1 bookmark folder and no entries.
Search on system = nothing
Search in recycle bin =nothing

Sure would like to have my bookmarks back.


Rylos wrote Jun 10, 2015 at 7:18 PM

Yea. I now understand. Waterfox and Firefox use the exact same profiles.
Wow! I feel like I was setup to fail. I am sure many will tell me how stupid I am for checking off that box.

However, since I did not know that a 64bit Waterfox was so enmeshed with a 32bit Firefox I never would have expected it. Plus, often, one is fighting through problems and frustrated and is not 100% there when they are moving through an uninstall of something not used or touched in years.

Odd that nothing is even in my recycle bin.

Not the way I would have implemented Waterfox bookmarks, etc. Certainly a Much Better Warning could be implemented to help people help themselves to not destruct their own very important data.