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Refresh Waterfox Button still missing from the Troubleshooting Page of Waterfox 38.1.0


Hi Mr. Alex,

Was unable to upload images (files), so I am starting a New Old Issue listed as fixed, but not fixed, still.

The Refresh Waterfox Button is not available when simply viewing the Troubleshooting Page.

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thecreator wrote Jun 14, 2015 at 6:39 PM

Hi Mr. Alex,

Just a Continuation of Comment for uploading from Firefox.

thecreator wrote Jul 24, 2015 at 8:48 PM

Hi Mr. Alex,

Thank you for fixing the missing Refresh Waterfox Button from the Troubleshooting page.
"Restart with Add-ons disabled..." is still available from the Drop Down Window of Help as well as on the Troubleshooting Page when view with No Style.

Please Note, when adding a Comment to this Issue, with an Attachment, I had to switch to Internet Explorer, as I could not do so using Waterfox 39.0.

thecreator wrote Jul 24, 2015 at 8:52 PM

Continuation of Comment.

mralex94 wrote Jul 27, 2015 at 9:55 AM

No worries! Sorry for taking so long. For new issues, I'd recommend submitting to GitHub instead: