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How many days does Waterfox take to download the components to use Netflix at 8 MB/sec?

I've been waiting since about this time yesterday for Waterfox (version 55.2.2 64 bit) to download the components it needs for Netflix. That's downloading at (allowing for Internet traffic I can't...

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Possible HTML 5 Streaming issue

I encountered an issue involving the Brightcove media framework I discovered the issue while watching anime on funimation's new website where they recently switched...

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Waterfox constantly asking to be Default Browser dispite Already Being Default

Since the 40.0.2 update water fox has been intermittently popping up the default browser reminder despite already being set as the default browser. I have scanned for potential hijacks but found no...

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H.264/MP4 not working in 39.0/40.0.2

I installed the beta in windows xp x64 sp2 and it works, but when I try to see videos using the built in h264 codec all I get is a green screen/loud beep

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wf crashing on certain web pages

Hi, I am having problems with WF crashing on certain Web pages. Some Lots on eBay cause it to crash. Each time I go into the particular lot, within seconds WF crashes! Any idea why this is? ...

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38.1 still not works in windows xp x64

After running Waterfox 38.1.0 Setup.exe it installed, but when I tired running it I get the usual message: Thanks in advance

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Refresh Waterfox Button still missing from the Troubleshooting Page of Waterfox 38.1.0

Hi Mr. Alex, Was unable to upload images (files), so I am starting a New Old Issue listed as fixed, but not fixed, still. The Refresh Waterfox Button is not available when simply viewing the Tr...

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Uninstalled Waterfox and lost all Firefox bookmarks

Greetings, I installed waterfox a few years back and never used it much and not in the last 2+ years. Today I uninstalled. Restarted my pc. And no all my firefox bookmarks are Gone! 1 appdata...

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Cannot start installer on WinXP x64

Hello, the installer doenst work on Windows XP Pro x64 Edition SP2. I have attached a screenshot of the error message.

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Firefox Right Click Menu Conflicts with Google Docs

When right clicking in google docs the waterfox context menu renders on top of the google docs context menu making it impossible to select any of the options from google docs

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